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Return Policy

What happens if my shipment arrives damaged

I'm not satisfied with my purchased, am I able to return it?

What kind of warranty comes with the products?


Do showers come assembled?

What are the electrical requirements for the showers to be installed?

Are the showers CSA approved for Canada?

Is installation provided?

My showers pipes burst and there is water leaking all over, what is wrong with my shower?

My steam generator is not working, there is no steam coming out

My steam generator was hooked up to the wrong voltage, is there any way to fix the steam generator?

There is a leak at my shower valve, what should I do?

My showers control panel is lighting up but I'm unable to do anything when I push the buttons. Is it broken?


Can the door on the main cabinet of the High Gloss Vanity be used as a shelf when opened?

Will I need to make any cuts to the High Gloss Vanity cabinet to install my drain plumbing?

Are the side cabinet shelves adjustable or fixed?